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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Its Funny

Its Funny.



Anyways. Its funny (haha) the only post that gets the highest count on this blog at the moment is my post on LibreOffice. :P

It was apparently because it contained some macro solver code for some min-max problem used to calculate the input amounts for some mousehunt event.

Apparently someone linked the post when he posted some question about solver macros in LibreOffice.

On a positive note, I am inspired, honoured and highly amused that my code was found useful and worthy of mention. Thank you! Random dude for making my day. On the negative side of the coin, I am rather horrified that there are no better content?

Someone needs to bust out those nachos....

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Monday, June 09, 2014


GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulator Program =)

Which is what i used a long long time ago. So many things have come and go so seeing GIMP still around warms my 30+ year old heart. So as a bit of plugging I am talking about it =P

Anyways, I am messing around with the Android tutorial and i need to create some icons. Just simple ones mind you. And .png so I guess I will use GIMP. I hope it supports vectors.

Anyways this is the splash image when you install it =)

And in my quest to get vectors I ended up installing Inkscape as well! Something which my sis recommended a long time ago =)

I am using this as a guide!

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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Android Musings Lovely June and the start of a hopefully longer Journey

Hi ya,

I have been blogging more like very slow micro tagging actually =)

But I am going a little bit into Android these days. Armed with an (now) old Galaxy Nexus... I think.

Anyways I am going to list down the problems I had while getting the system up ;)

Anyways my profile is this:

I start and stop Android development so many times now.

Mostly it was a lack of commitment (time, energy).

And partly it was due to a lack of steeled determination!!

At least thats what I realised.

For instance, I recently start again (duh!) in April actually.

I downloaded the Eclispe (I think the last time I tried was 2011, I vaguely remember there were attempts in 2000+ and possibly the 90s.... I was around during the One Child one Laptop thingie... so my futile and feeble attempts have been weak and many =) ... I understand that does not give much hope. But babies and loves, FAITH is believing in that which is UNSEEN!! in this case its any smidget of chance that I have the fortitude to pull this through. But we'll see I guess =))

And that was that. I updated it, got the avd up and was sufficiently happy that I have contributed to humanity or at least there was less of a lack of, no matter how ludicrous the thought was. The wonders of the human mind! Well. I believe GREAT minds think alike an so here we are wallowing in self pity together!! No wait. Back on topic!

So thats was a failing in my strength of character ;)

But I am sufficiently annoyed recently!!! Do not annoy a GIANT! even a little one! Giant is relative!! No laughing! Or sniggling! Anyways. I was motivated enough by my lack of stuff and abundance of chaff that I decided to look at it again.

And then I got hit by strange bugs. Even though this time I did not write any code??? I was just running and configuring the stuff (and my it has improved alot... just setting up Eclipse used to give me headaches in the past, yes yes I have a weak mind) . I used to get errors because I would set up the tools and everything, THEN look for sample code to modify, so there was PLENTY of room for errors! But this time, it was all horse led to water, I was ready to drink. But lo and behold! A bug! And after following instructions to a Tee. I was flabbergasted, lost and alone. Well no I was distracted surfing the web and stuff. So the bug dialog popping up was ignored and retried. Many. Many. Times. Until I noticed it was the same bug. Oh the time wasted. It was like edge of tomorrow. I could have killed myself but could'nt and would'nt. I mean I don't have the alien blood in me like Tom Cruise and all.

Anyways, so I gave up finding fault in my ability to follow instructions and ask the very knowledgeble Mr Google. You know him too! The multicoloured guy! Who keeps changing his pics with the holidays!.... oki.

Anyways Google presented that it was due to old certs generated by my previus installations.

My search was "android eclipse error generating final archive"

Specifically this gave the answer

The solution?

Delete the file:

Mine was a win7 so it was in this directory:


Remember I started and stopped a few times? Ya. Like Cloud Atlas huh, every damned thing is linked. Its cold no?

So I managed to run the App on the emulator, which took a long time to load. I guess I need to close my windows more...

Anyways, again I was sufficiently happy. Until now. When I tried to run on my phone. (That old galaxy nexus)

It can detect my usb storage but Thats all.

To run it you need to download the USB drivers from Samsung here

My search on Google was this:
"eclipse cannot detect my galaxy nexus as active device"

I actually hopped around on the Samsung page for a while before I reached that page i linked above.

Its about a 20 MB download. I hope it works =)

Again why I am posting? I figured it would give me some motivation and track my trials and tribulations ;P And besides GREAT minds think alike, so someone is likely to go through the same shit. So here I am. Saving the world. One moper at a time =)

Happy Coding!

[20140608 14:42]
So after downloading it still does'nt work. This is after restarting Eclipse.

I suspect i need to reboot.

[20140608 18:12]

See. many hours have passed. And I have rebooted!!! And it works!

I also figured out how to take screenshots. (my keywords were: "android how to screenshot")

 If you are using a Nexus S and above and have kept your device updated:

Pressing the power button and volume down button should work. (For IPhone users, its holding down the menu button [there is only one button... and I callz it the menu button so there] and the power button at the same time)

What you should note is that if you are sharing out your USB storage to your PC (i.e. you can see the drive in your PC), your Android device (in this case my Nexus S) will not be able to access the USB storage.

In my case I was happily snapping and snapping screenshots not realising that none of the pictures were stored! Silly me.

Anyways there reason I wanted to take a screenshot was that aside from installing the Samsung USB drivers as well as having windows update detect and download drivers for Nexus S (it actually recognised my phone model! So cool!); is that I also enabled USB debugging. I am not actually sure if that was crucial =)

Anyways this is a screenshot of that option:

And the example App I was installing from my PC

And actually launching and running it!

Also even if you do not share out the USB storage (i.e. you do not see the Android device USB storage as a drive on your PC). Eclipse is able to launch the App. =) Which is nice to know.

It does not do anything, but its Hello World!!! W00t!

[20140610 01:08]

So a work day usually means I get about 3 hours to get anything done :(

So this is what I have so far:

yep, its a lobster. And the button and text field elements were done yesterday. So I have really only added the action bar :/

The portion of the tutorial now is on action bars, so it requires more icons. If you read carefully (unlike me), you would have noticed that they allow you to download the full suite of icons. So you just need to download and place the files in the res folder. ... I skimped over that part and thought I had to draw my own icons. Thats how the lobster came about.

I did actually read a bit, albeit in parts. So the recommended image type was svg. So there was a bout of downloading and installing GIMP and Inkscape to generate a .svg file. It was cool. Even though it was a bit of a bloody waste of time, but I did get a nice lobster.

Why a lobster? Actually I just wanted a base 48 by 48 pixel image. I randomly drew an it looked like a lobster. Voila! Anyways somewhere while figuring what to do with my newly minted lobster image, I came to terms with the fact that the icons were available for download. Le sigh.

Anyways at least I got the thing up. It appears that the tutorial was a little half hearted. It does'nt seem to be headed to an app, just random examples of code which show parts of the App life cycle. I am going to have to improvise I guess =) like a lobster!

Happy Coding and may you read everything carefully!

[20140611 00:03]

no updates today :(  I took half day and was hoping to do something but got hit by a bout of food poisoning. My eyelids got swollen and my stomach was having the runs (excuses I know =))

Any ways I was a little disapponted with the progress yesterday as, the Action Bar was'nt alot and whats more, I could'nt see the "Settings" button... So today i did a bit of a search on google and lo and behold. I was looking for an overflow button (which I though was an image, that was what i thought I was seeing in the example). But apparently for Samsung phones, the physical menu button is the "overflow" button =D

And there it is! My non functional "Settings" button

May you not be as blur as me =)

Hopefully I have more to brag about having done tomorrow =)

[20140825 00:33]

Alas I appear to have a very bad of giving up on my life and stuff.

This ailment has gotta be addressed!

Strongly! and fervently!!!


Like Tabby the cat!


I seem to have a 2 mth problem here. I started in April. Sputttered and got back in June. And sputtered and now its August!!!

I really want to stop sputtering through life lol.

Anyways. The good thing about a "live" blogging post is that I get to track how pathetic my progress is. It is also disconcerting that this thingie is public and all. But actually I can see how many people read this and I can safely tell myself that I am alone in here and my embarassment (if any? Oh the hubris!) is all for me to enjoy!

How wonderful.

So at least I am back now I guess. The good thing is that I can review it as a journal of sorts and retrack and redefine by steps. Always useful. Anyways I will continue to post and update any wondrous doo doos I discover. Unless I backslide again (oh how we love to do that don't we ;))

See ya.

[20140825 01:07]

So just for tracking I am now trying to add an action bar!

[20140825 01:09]

Oh wait I seem to have already dunnit.


Back to searching where I stopped the last time....

[20140825 01:15]

Okay... I believe i am at action buttons......

[20140825 01:16]

dammit.... wrong again... apparently I must have covered quite a bit the last time....

[20140825 01:41]

So now i know i am at the responding to Action buttons portion!

... that took awhile  ... anyways I gotta snooze.

I figure I really do not know the framework well enough. So in the morning and free times I will read up on those and hopefully when I get to code when I get back home, I can understand the code better!

[20140914 20:30]


Its been two weeks since I coded anything!!!! The only bright spark here is that the sputtering is two weeks instead of two month.

Hey don't knock the small wins :p


Anyways I gotta get a grip on myself. I need to read faster and harder.

I went to the library today. I am feeling pumped. It might have been the Mac Spicy. nvm.


Here I go!

[20141214 11:04]

!!!!!!!!! it is exactly... well not exunctly but you know... the numbers for the months shifted by three and it is the fourteen!! So.

3 mth. That must be some kind of record... no wait my record for slacking off and coming back is in years lol.

Anyways... back to the grind for a bit I guess... and hopefully this time I get more than a button!!!!

[20150705 21:19]


I have done nothing all this time.

Time Time, effervescent as you are, I wished I cherished you more.

I will try to do so before my time is done and my strength is no more and youth shall fail me.

That was dramatic.

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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Backtrack 5r3 on Acer Aspire 4749z

Its actually rare that I have something to post on this blog.

I think I lost my fire for tech stuff, but recently I have to touch linux again, *hello olde buddy!*

Its more for security modules, but hey I am interested in forensics at a personal level so we might go the sleuth package. Who knows =)

Any ways it was kinda fortunate.

I almost had to dump a newly bought Acer Aspire 4749z

Its not the latest model but it was going for 699 SGD with a spec of 500 GB HDD 2.2 GHz Intel Core B960 64bit with 2 GB ram. It was the best value on the shelf (I did'nt really have time so I cannot afford to go multiple stores)

Compared to my trusty AXIOO Zetta, the Acer Aspire 4749z was a bit of a dissapointment. The Win7 was flawless (well until I use it more, if I do use it), but the Backtrack live CD could not boot!!!

At first I thought, it was the MD5 or the burning. But MD5 check passed and most damning: my AXIOO Zetta booted it with no complaints.

For the Acer Aspire 4749z, the boot CD will go to the menu, countdown by 3 (it should be 30) and then shutdown.

At first I thought it was the battery, but by some strange luck (dear God must be watching) I happen to press enter twice in quick succession (i.e. before the menu is fully up - but is on screen ... one way to see this is that the counter does not start counting down yet -- yes it was very lucky to hit upon this) and voila its alive!!!  I proceeded to try with and without the battery (as I really wanted to have backup power and it really did'nt make sense that the battery was causing the problem) and in the end I narrowed the problem down to the menu. Entering twice quickly (hence skipping the menu and countdown) did the trick, with or without the battery. And the battery was vindicated and my laptop saved from a fire sale.

Conclusion is both the Backtrack 5r3 live disc and Aspire 4749z are buggy here. =) I might continue to post. I just felt posting is important as apparently many people have issues and alas, it s mostly very version and hardware specific. I was looking for a solution in the boot options maybe, but in the end the solution that worked for me was something alot sillier.

As I write I am installing Backtrack 5r3 into the harddisk. I am attempting a dual boot. Lets hope it works.

I left the windows partition alone and luckily, half of the 500 GB is another HDD so it was left relatively virgin and untouched (it was ntfsed tho lol). I partitioned it as

 10 GB fat32
4 GB Swap
5 GB /boot
120 GB /
and about 90?? GB /home

I hope that works =)

and btw. To shutdown. The command is "shutdown now -h". You are welcome =)

[121006 12:37]

so fortunately GRUB works!!! W00T!

so I booted in!

And if you are like me a total N00B. You will get stuck at the login. Fortunately Google is *still* your friend. And this link came up! It actually provides ALOT more detail than my post so you might want to just skip over there =)

essentially, login as root and type toor and that will get you to the console.

After that type startx to get to the GUI =)

Have fun!!!

[121006 12:51]

So I am now testing the Win7 side of the family. On GRUB select the windows bootloader.

The Acer eRecovery dialog will come out.

I am currently wondering should I do the factory setting thing or to just boot from the windows.

The factory reset thing is fine as it is new and I haven't done anything yet. But I am worried that it will wipe my poor BT too! (though logically it should'nt).

In any case I decided not to since I can just boot windows through GRUB! =D and it still works!


As an aside, filesystems are amazing. Windows now only sees the 10 GB fat32 space.... lol
[121006 12:57]

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